Ceiling Air Diverters - Easy-to-Install Over Existing 24" x 24" Vents

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Air Diverters for 24" x 24" Drop Ceiling Vents

The blue arrow bars in the image above are meant to show how air moves laterally rather than downwards.

This not only eliminates downdrafts but achieves a more consistent room temperature and saves energy.
Patent No. US 7,651,390 B1 | Made in the USA



Eliminates those Annoying Downdrafts!

A Simple Solution for a Better Work Environment   

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A simple way to eliminate annoying downdrafts making on person feel too cold while others are still too hot.  Installs easy over existing 24″ x 24″ vents.  Nothing to remove! Just clip a Comfort Air Diverter over your existing vent.  Very easy to install – sets up in seconds!

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  • Eliminates annoying downdraft – The “Comfort Air Diverter” routes air across the ceiling in four directions thus circulating air throughout the entire room rather than one spot. The Comfort Air Diverters keeps cold or hot air from blowing down on individuals.
  • Achieve a more consistent room temperature – Circulating air throughout the room creates a more comfortable ambient temperature. Eliminates cold or hot spots.
  • A better environment and a more peaceful office – Ending downdrafts means everyone is more comfortable.  No more arguments about the thermostat being set too high or too low.
  • Saves energy and money – A consistent ambient room temperature will keep your thermostat from cycling on and of thus saving energy (and money!)
  • Quick and Easy Installation – Easily installs over existing commercial or residential (24″ x 24″) vents.
  • Creates a quieter environment – Muffles typical vent noise.
  • Meets safety specifications – Made of durable, lightweight ABS plastic.  Meets UL94JB flammability rating.
  • Perfect Addition for Offices, School Districts, Municipalities, Hospitals, and more
  • Air Diffuser vs. Air Diverter The Comfort Air Diverter does more than just diffuse air blowing from vents it diverts it.  This results in a continued and unobstructed air flow for optimal cooling and/or heating while preventing a less than ideal downdraft directly overhead.  This creates a more consistent room temperature and keeps cold or hot air from blowing down on individuals.
  • Designed to fit easily over existing standard 2 ft x2 ft ceiling vents (just clips on rails w/o needing to remove existing vent).

Typical ceiling vents will blow air downwards creating cold and warm pockets throughout the room

Ceiling Air Diverters, Diffusers, Deflectors


Comfort Air Diverters solve this problem leading to a  comfortable and complaint-free environment.

Comfort Air Diverters clip on easily over existing ceiling vents so there is no need to remove or tamper with the existing vent.  It’s designed to be very easy.


The Comfort Air Diverter is the solution for almost all downdraft issues found in offices, hospitals, restaurants, factories or any place people are working under typical ceiling ventilation systems. Comfort Air Diverters are an aftermarket solution that redirects air flow from the vent eliminating direct contact with people in a room. Comfort Air Diverters does this without restricting the system flow in any way; it simply and ingeniously redirects air flow in a uniform way across the room.


For Commercial and/or residential uses, a Comfort Air Diverter eliminates complaints of hot and/or cold air once and for all! 

PATENT NO. US 7,651,390 B1



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* The Comfort Air Diverter is a patented design.  The location, size and profile of the 4 way vents produces the maximum output compared to other air diverter designs